We often hear a lot of questions from our customers. Here are a few of the most commonly asked inquiries answered.

1. How can you sell these pills for so cheap?

The reason we sell our pills so cheaply is because we cut out the middleman. We go straight to the manufacturer and buy directly. We buy in massive quantities, which means we pay less. Walmart and your local vet’s office need more significant profits to help with their massive overhead. We don’t require such a drastic upcharge as our office is connected to our home.

2. Is it legal for you to sell these pills?

Yes! We would never think of doing something illegal. The use of the Nitenpyram flea killer for dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens and is readily available without a prescription. We are entirely within the limits of the law. Buying from the manufacturer and selling is called compounding, and is perfectly legal.

3. Are You A Vet?

No! My husband and I are not vets or vet technicians. We are experts on all things fleas. We have a vast knowledge about insect and pest control and pass this along to our customers. Walmart is not a vet, and they sell pest control products. We guaranteed we have more knowledge than most..

4. Why are you doing this?

Well, we never intended to sell these pills. I needed something to get the fleas under control in my pets. I bought 100 tablets and didn’t need all of them. I decided to sell my extra pills on the local buy-sell-trade sites. Then, the people that bought told their friends. Soon, I had people calling and emailing asking for these treatments. So, I started ordering for them. The whole thing snowballed from there. I still can’t believe how things worked out. 

5. Will these pills hurt my animal?

First and foremost, we are concerned about the safety of the products we sell. I can, honestly, say that we use everything we sell on our pets. My rescue pup, Paco, has congestive heart failure and seizures. He takes two medications per day. He uses both nitenpyram and lufenuron without issue. Unfortunately, I am unable to guarantee that your dog or cat won’t have a side effect from the medications. However, I will say that we've had good luck. 

6. What’s in your products?

Our products are 100 percent pure. There are no fillers or additives. We did our homework well and found a manufacturing plant that makes the most exceptional products. We have a great relationship with our representative and feel confident in what we sell.

7. How long will you be selling these products?

Well, we are not sure. With each order for new supplies I placed this year, I kept telling myself that I was done. However, it seems to have grown bigger rather than smaller. Now, I have so many customers I don’t know what to do.  

8. Where did you come up with the name “The Flea Queen?”

The name Flea Queen came from a customer. After helping fight a horrific infestation at one of our customer’s homes in Jackson, we saw the light at the end of the tunnel. In my local town, one lady was so happy for the help she said you are a queen, the “flea queen.” It stuck.

My knowledge comes from fighting fleas myself and for others for many years. It’s not a job for the faint of heart, but I will gladly take the name “queen.” However, my husband doesn’t always like the pink colors and name queen being attached to the business when he is working the field. So, out of respect, we have begun calling him “the flea king.”

9. Do you do this alone or do you have employees?

Right now, it's just my husband and I, and sometimes it's overwhelming. There are always tons of questions and emails to respond too. I feel like a celebrity sometimes. I can’t go into our local grocery stores or restaurants without seeing a customer. In many cases, I feel like a psychologist too, though I am not. Fighting these bugs can be very stressful, and most people just want someone to listen to them.

10. My dog is sick. Will these pills help?

It scares me when someone tells me that their dog or cat is really sick. First, we are not vets. Second, we don’t attempt to doctor animals. We only sell flea treatments. If your pet has a rash all over their body from fleas, has white gums, is lethargic and not eating or drink, then you need to get them to a vet. We cannot doctor your pets. Your animals can die from fleas. Don’t trust the life of your pet with a $1.00 flea killer. Anemia and infections can quickly develop with an infestation.

11. Do you have a license to sell these products?

Of course! We have a vendor's license with the State of Ohio to sell products. However, we are not required to carry a specific license to sell nitenpyram or lufenuron. We do our best to stay within the laws.