We don’t have a lot of money. Like most people, we love our pets and want them to have the best care, but we couldn’t afford to spend $20 a pill for flea preventatives. My cat refused to stay inside. She ran in and out all day long, and sometimes she wouldn’t come home at all. 

Her “catting” around left her infested with fleas. I have no carpet in my home, yet, both of my dogs were covered too. I tried bathing them in Dawn dish soap. I tried buying the products that go down the back. All those did was leave their back greasy, and they would get it all over my house. I was at my wit’s end. I loved my pets, but I was tired of the fleas. My husband had bites all over his legs, and I was sleeping with the critters while they hopped in my bed.  

Desperate, I bought Capstar at Wal-Mart. It promises to kill everything in 24 hours. I was shocked! It did just what it said and more. The problem is that these pills are almost $6.00 each. Who can afford that? So, I surfed on the internet and found a solution. Generic Capstar, Nitenpyram, is just as good, and it costs a whole lot less.  

I quickly got an education in the industry. My local vet sells Capstar and charges us $10.00 per pill. What? $10.00 a pill is insane. So, I bought some off the internet in bulk. I bought 100 pills to start in December of 2016. What I found is that I could use these for preventative maintenance too. My dog has congestive heart failure and seizures. I must be selective on what he uses. I gave him four doses, spaced 24 hours a part. Once the infestation was gone, I focused on maintenance. I gave him 1-2 pills per week, as needed. He is flea free to this day.  

Now, how I started selling these pills is another story. That 100 pills went to family, friends, and some on the local buy-sell-trade boards around town. People started telling their friends who told their friends. It wasn’t long until I had so many flea orders I couldn’t believe it. I wasn’t even trying to sell. That’s when I got real smart. When I started out, I was selling them for $2 a pill. However, I found that if I buy in bulk, I can give them to my customers at an even lower price, and the $1.00 flea pill was born.  

So, my pills don’t come from China. I order straight from Bush, Colorado. I only sell 100 percent pure products, no fillers here! I work with my customers. I even go to the houses and check up on my pet pals. I have sold more than 10,000 pills since June of this year. However, the most awesome thing to me is that I am helping people who may not go to a vet because they cannot afford it. These are people who have limited resources and numerous pets oftentimes.  

My husband always calls me “Snow White” because he says all the animals seems to come to me wherever I am. I love pets. The fact that I get to help all these suffering animals is just another bright spot in my day.  I would love to help you and your pet find relief from these fleas.

Blessings-Lisa aka. "The Flea Queen"